New energy services offered

Two local businesses with an eye on energy efficiency and sustainability have merged to provide an even more green service to residents in the Cayman Islands. While sustainable and alternative energy solutions remain in their infancy in the jurisdiction, the two companies hope to encourage more people to both maximise energy efficiency and turn to the sun as an alternative for their power source. Arch Solar Ltd, a contractor providing renewable solar energy systems, has acquired Smart Energy Management, which provides residential and commercial building performance assessments that help people cut down on energy use and power bills by as much as 40%.

Smart Energy’s founder, Jorge Vera, said he was first introduced to Arch Solar in 2009 and the two firms began planning their formal alliance in order to expand the services the two firms offer. Smart Energy and Arch Solar share the combined goals of energy efficiency and sustainability in residential and commercial spaces.

“Before investing in a renewable energy system, it is advisable to invest in an energy audit. Simple upgrade measures increase the efficiency of a building and optimize the performance of a renewable energy system. We are pleased to be able to offer our clients an exclusive package service that reduces energy costs on multiple fronts,” says Dana Arch, Vice President of Arch Solar.
An energy audit exposes inefficiencies associated with building design, reveals energy usage trends and provides information on where and how the energy is being used in the building in order to develop an energy management plan to reduce energy consumption.
“The comprehensive building diagnostic report provides insight into the building’s current performance, isolates any problems, and develops an array of improvement options designed to increase energy efficiency, building performance, comfort, and air quality,” explained Vera. “Creating an energy management plan, changing energy usage behaviour, upgrading lighting and installing properly sized and engineered air conditioner systems can drastically increase comfort and reduce energy bills by up to 40%.”
He added that some of the most common problems in Cayman when it comes to wasting energy are oversized air conditioning units and inefficient lighting. Turning off lights and appliances when not in use and pushing up the a/c thermostat when the rooms are not occupied are also just some of the ways people can cut costs and energy use.
Vera said that although awareness is increasing about the need for a more sustainable approach to energy and taking green issues more seriously, in reality very few people are taking energy efficiency as seriously as they could, and he hopes the partnership between Solar Arch and Smart Energy will help more people embrace the cause.
“It’s a good match”, says Vera. “Our combined knowledge and experience will create the most effective provider of energy saving technologies. The increasing price of oil is moving Cayman residents and property managers to seek out independent, effective solutions to reduce their utility bills while increasing the value of their properties, and we are now ideally positioned to help.”

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