Home Energy Audits are the first step for any homeowner or business owner to reduce their electricity costs. There are a number of reasons why you should get an energy audit conducted on your property by our experts.

  1. Lower energy bills and increase your savings.
  2. Avoid minor problems becoming major ones.
  3. Improve safety and comfort of your home.
  4. Increase property value and marketability.
  5. Save the environment by reducing energy.

Energy efficiency

You know that in the hot humid climate like Cayman the cooling of your home uses the most energy, but did you know that on average up to 30-40% of conditioned air leaks out of your home. Think about it, almost half of the total conditioned air that you’re paying big $$ to cool is actually being wasted!

No worries, we can detect exactly how and where your home is losing you money. If a large portion of your home’s cooling is escaping out of the attic, windows, doors, etc. we can use our experience, training and technology to fix the problem.

How does it work?

Getting an energy audit on your home is simple.

  1. Contact us and schedule a site assessment.
  2. Client receives our  proposal for energy audit.
  3. Energy Auditors conduct site visit and testing.
  4. A detailed report is compiled and issued to client
  5. Auditor meets with the client to review report.

* SMART Energy can also Project Manage the energy improvements called for in the report to ensure quality of the workmanship and improved performance. (Optional)